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Danielle Hunter balled, so he got the call

And NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was on the other end of the line

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

When you put together the sort of performance that Minnesota Vikings’ defensive end Danielle Hunter did on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, you’re going to get recognized. Hunter had 3.5 of the Vikings’ franchise-record ten sacks of Matthew Stafford, and also had nine tackles, four other quarterback pressures, and a 32-yard fumble recovery for a score in the contest.

While we expect that Hunter will be named NFC Defensive Player of the Week this week, for now we’ll have to settle for him getting a call from NFL Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders on the NFL Network.

A good portion of the interview consists of two primary things. . .Deion trying to get Hunter to talk about himself, and Hunter giving credit to pretty much everybody else, whether it’s Mike Zimmer or the defensive backs or whoever it might be.

The interview does get a special guest at the end, who also wants to talk about how great Hunter is, and Hunter wants to (again) talk about anyone else.

The interview is just short of four minutes, but we’ve seen these clips with Vikings’ players and coaches before, particularly Mike Zimmer (whose relationship with Deion Sanders goes way back). But they’re still pretty entertaining to watch. Enjoy!