SKREW that ABG guy!!!

That SONOFA#WQ(@%SOandSO should be smacked in the face with a whiffle-ball bat, just for being ugly.

But do you know what SHOULD be supported? SPECIAL OLYMPICS in Minnesota!

Do you like ABG? fine be that way... but if you don't I hope you will support those who are raising $$ for Special Olympics in Minnesota other than him... Like Cheryl here... she totally needs your help CLICK HERE and donate a couple of bucks (Seriously... she is awesome! and deserves to have more money pledged than ABG)

Just open up your wallet and kick in like $8 bucks or so... you won't miss it. ... OH.. once she hits 75 she has to jump into ICE COLD WATER :-) you KNOW you want that to happen.

or.... if you don't want to see her get all wet (but still love the Vikings) give some of your hard earned cash to these die hard VIKINGS FANS

They are all working hard to earn some money to support some awesome special people in MN.

but what-EVER you do... don't support this guy

All HE DOES is come here every week and support the Vikings and not talk bad about anyone.

what an @@@@hole

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