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The Vikings once again have a chance at playing outside of the United States

The host teams for the 2019 International Series were announced today

Minnesota Vikings v Cleveland Browns Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Every year, the National Football League plays a handful of games outside of the United States as a part of their “International Series,” which is designed to generate interest in the game across the globe. The International Series is over for 2018, but the host teams for the 2019 games have been announced, and the Minnesota Vikings may have a chance to play a game outside of the United States once again.

The host teams for the games will be the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Los Angeles Rams, the Oakland (?) Raiders, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Because of the schedule rotation between the AFC and the NFC, the Vikings do have a road trip to play the Chargers already on the schedule for 2019. That means that the Vikings/Chargers game could end up being played in a city that is not Los Angeles.

The International Series games for 2019 will feature four games that will be played in London, and one game that is slated to be played in Mexico City. The NFL was supposed to have a game in Mexico City this season, a Monday Night contest between the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs, but wound up having to relocate that game back to Los Angeles because the field at the stadium in Mexico City was a complete disaster.

The Vikings have made the trek to London twice in the past few years. They served as the home team in 2013 at Wembley Stadium against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and as the road team in 2017 for a game against the Cleveland Browns at Twickenham Stadium.

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me to see the game between the Chargers and the Vikings be the league’s next attempt for a game in Mexico City. The two Florida teams have pretty solid connections to the United Kingdom through their ownership groups, and the Jaguars are already committed to a London game for the next couple of years, so it would likely be one of the three California teams that serves as the “home” team for a game in Mexico City. An AFC/NFC game between two teams that should. . .emphasis on should. . .still be pretty solid teams in 2019 would be the sort of game that the league would probably want to make a part of this International Series.

Would you make the trek to Mexico City or London to see the Vikings in 2019?