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Daily Norseman FanPulse: Yell “Timber,” because it’s going down

Yes, another drop. Not a surprise.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
Wrong direction, Kirk.
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Another loss means another drop in confidence for fans of the Minnesota Vikings in our weekly FanPulse poll. I know, it’s not a surprise, but we’re going to talk about it anyway.

The drop in confidence this week was not a huge one. . .of course, when you were only at about 21% in the first place, there’s only so far you can drop. But, with the loss on Monday night, the percentage of fans that feel they’re confident in the direction of the team is now down to 17%.

Shockingly. . .well, shockingly to me, anyway. . .is that there are ten fan bases across the SB Nation network of NFL blogs that have a lower figure than the Vikings’ 17%. Those teams?

Not surprisingly, the fans of the Vikings’ opponent this week are trending in a decidedly different direction. Following their last-second “Miami Miracle” victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday, 67% of Miami Dolphins fans are expressing confidence in the direction of their team. That’s the highest that number has been for the Dolphins since Week 4.

Both fan bases are anticipating a win this week, and by the same margin. Both Vikings fans and Dolphins fans are calling for wins for their respective clubs this week by three points.

Will the confidence number ever go up again in our FanPulse polling? Man, I hope so.