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Dalvin Cook talks about the offense to Deion Sanders

Dalvin balled, so he got the call

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Every week the NFL Network has a highlight/wrap up show, and one of the co-hosts is NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. Sanders calls a standout player on every winning team and spends a few minutes interviewing them, so naturally the segment is called ‘You Ball, You Get The Call.’

On Sunday, after a 136 yard, two TD performance against the Miami Dolphins, Dalvin Cook got the call from Deion, and he had a couple of interesting things to say.

‘We could have easily said we just lost our OC, it’s over, let’s try again next year. We have an OC that understands where we’re coming from, that believes in us 100%, and we’re going out there balls to the wall every play for him.’

That quote is getting some buzz around the Vikings Twitter and some message boards as kind of a backhanded jab at former Vikings OC John DeFilippo, but I think it could also be interpreted as an endorsement of interim OC Kevin Stefanski.

Maybe it’s both, I don’t know. I don’t think it was as much of a jab at Flip as it was an endorsement for Stefanski, and a comment from a guy that was happy with how the offense performed after a month of regular criticism. And although it’s fair to say the offense may have been frustrated with the way things went the last couple games under Flip, I don’t think they quit on him. Things weren’t working, and you could sense the lack of communication, but I think Cook’s ‘100%’ comment was more their faith in Stefanski right now than them not giving 100% for DeFilippo.

Anyway, here’s the full segment, take a look and judge for yourself: