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NFL Week 16 Saturday Doubleheader Discussion

With one game of particular interest to Vikings fans

Tennessee Titans v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

We’ve got an NFL Saturday doubleheader for everyone’s viewing pleasure this afternoon, folks, and one of the two games is of particular interest to fans of the Minnesota Vikings and their playoff hopes.

Things will start out in Nashville, where the Tennessee Titans (8-6) will play host to the Washington Redskins (7-7). This is the one that Vikings fans will want to pay attention to. As we pointed out in our cheering guide for this week, the Vikings do have a scenario this week that can see them clinch a postseason spot, but it has to start with Washington losing. If the Redskins can go into Tennessee as an 11-point underdog and pull off the upset, there is no scenario under which the Vikings can clinch a playoff spot this week and we’ll have drama all the way into Week 17.

This game kicks off at 3:30 PM Central and can be seen on the NFL Network. I’m sure it’s on local channels somewhere if you’re in the Nashville or DC areas.

From there, we head out west to what should be a great all-AFC matchup between the Baltimore Ravens (8-6) and the Los Angeles Chargers (11-3). The Chargers, coming off of their thrilling last-second victory over the Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday, are still in a dogfight for the AFC West title, while the Ravens’ potential scenarios range all the way from winning the AFC North (if things break right) to being completely eliminated from the playoff picture (if things break wrong).

The second half of the doubleheader kicks off at 7:20 PM Central, and can also be seen on the NFL Network.

If you’re going to be watching these games anyway, you could just as well come and hang out with your fellow Vikings fans while you do so. Enjoy the games, ladies and gentlemen, and we’ll have more for you on the clash between the Vikings and the Lions up until kickoff.