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Talking about the season finale with Bears Talk Underground

How do we see it playing out?

There is no shortage of HAWT TAEKS going around the interwebs right now about the 2018 regular season finale between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears at U.S. Bank Stadium, and we’re going to have even more of them as we get closer to game time.

One of these will come from yours truly, as I got the opportunity to sit down with Larry Dyer from Bears Talk Underground and talk about this week’s contest. We’ve talked with Larry before. . .his show used to be known as Chicago Bears Review before “the man” said he had to change it. . .and it’s always a good time talking Bears/Vikings with him.

If you want to take a listen to the show, you can check out the Bears Talk Underground website, or you can listen to the embedded show below. Either way, give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it!