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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: December 3, 2018

That offensive performance was..........quite offensive.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone

Alright, well, that game sucked. Well, on the offensive side of the ball, anyway. Hats off to the defense for keeping the team in it that long, and it was on the road against a very good offense. This team can beat any team in the NFL. This team can also lose to any team in the NFL when the offense runs like it did yesterday.

I have kept this mostly to myself up to this point, mostly because it’s year one and I want to give some time before saying too much. I am extremely dissatisfied with the way that John DeFillipo is running the Vikings offense. I am not saying he’s a bad offensive coordinator, but what I am saying is that he has been a poor offensive coordinator up to this point, and he will have to improve if this team wishes to do anything in the playoffs, or even get to the playoffs.

It’s his first year, so you expect some growing pains, but this year haven’t been great, and yesterday was ugly. Sometimes, it seems like he’s maybe trying too hard, and making things more complex than they are. When you have talented players, you just find a way to get them the ball so they can do good player things. There hasn’t been much balance, either. The run game.......use it. It’s okay to run the ball, and when you have Cook and Murray in the backfield, it’s even a good idea. He seems to think you can only use a running play once every 10 plays, but that’s not the case, I checked the rule book, and there’s no limit on how many of your offensive plays are running plays. You could run the ball every play if you wanted to. If you want proof of that, look at the Vikings offense from 2010 to 2014.

I am not saying that hiring the man was a mistake, far from it. He’s in his first year, and he could certainly learn and grow in this position. I’m just saying that he’s struggled so far, and he’s been given a very good group of athletes with which to generate some offense, so there isn’t the “cupboard is bare” excuse. It’s time to do some growing and learning. I hope he figures it out quickly, because this team is talented enough to beat any team in the NFL.

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Vikings news from other sources and news from around the rest of the league:

Here’s a link to the media vault, search away if you’re in the mood to relive yesterday’s mess. I’m not.

From the New York Post, there is apparently another video with footage of Kareem Hunt, and it won’t be helpful for him finding a team.

The Packers have fired head coach Mike McCarthy after the team’s loss to the Cardinals yesterday, per ESPN.

Catch up on all the week 13 scores and highlights, courtesy of the Sporting News.

We come to today’s media selection:

Here’s my summation of the Vikings’ offensive performance yesterday.

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