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Report: Cleveland Browns request interview with Kevin Stefanski

For their head coaching position

Miami Dolphins v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

While there has been speculation that the Minnesota Vikings could be making some changes. . .speculation that has been denied by the team. . .it sounds like one team has a member of the Minnesota coaching staff it their sights.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Cleveland Browns have requested an interview with Vikings’ interim offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski as a part of their search for a new head coach.

Stefanski’s contract is officially up at the end of this season, as he did not sign any sort of extension with the team. However, even if he were under contract to the Vikings beyond the end of the year, the Vikings would not be able to stop the Browns from interviewing Stefanski. By league rule, while a team can block coaches from interviewing for other positions. . .which is why the Vikings were able to block Stefanski from following Pat Shurmur to the New York Giants last year. . .but they can not prevent them from interviewing for a head coaching job.

Stefanski has been with the Vikings since 2006, through three different coaching regimes. He’s coached almost every position on the offense, and was promoted to the OC position following the firing of John DeFilippo after the Week 14 loss to Seattle.

If Stefanski does interview with the Browns. . .he doesn’t have to, the Vikings just can’t prevent him from doing so. . .and impresses their management, there’s a chance that the purple are going to be looking for yet another offensive coordinator this offseason.