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Mike Mayock is now the Raiders’ GM; Corey Chavous should replace him at NFLN

Yeah, he’s a former Viking. So what?

Minnesota Vikings vs New York Giants - November 13, 2005 Photo by Tom Berg/NFLPhotoLibrary

Slightly off-topic with this, but with a lot of the discussion that’s gone on today, we could probably use it.

In case you haven’t been tracking a lot of the NFL news outside of Minnesota Vikings’ stuff today, the Oakland Raiders continue to be. . .interesting. . .as they’ve hired NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock to be their new General Manager. People that have read this site for any length of time know that yours truly has a bit of a soft spot for Mayock, as he not only did play-by-play for Vikings’ preseason games not so long ago, but he’s also been a big part of why the NFL Network’s draft coverage has been far superior to what ESPN offers on draft weekend.

With that said, Mayock leaving the NFL Network leaves an opening for someone that’s willing to argue with Rich Eisen on Day 3 of the NFL Draft, and I’d like to nominate someone with ties to the Vikings that could potentially slide into that spot. That man is former Vikings’ safety Corey Chavous.

Chavous was actually part of the team that covered the NFL Draft for the NFL Network the first season that they did coverage in 2005, following his final season with the Vikings. (He then moved on to play for the St. Louis Rams from 2006 to 2008 before retiring.) He currently works as an analyst for the CBS Sports Network, and he also runs his own draft website.

Anyone that’s seen Chavous break down draft prospects knows that he’s incredibly knowledgeable and puts a lot into the job. While I’m not sure what sort of contract he might be under with the folks from CBS Sports, I do think it would be nice to see him on a larger platform, particularly on the biggest weekend of the year for that sort of thing.

Obviously, it’s way too early for the NFL Network to have announced who they’re going to be putting in Mike Mayock’s chair at this point. I also don’t have any insight or “sources” saying that Chavous would even be interested in such a thing. But if they want someone that’s highly qualified, the former Vikings’ Pro Bowl safety would be as good a pick as any, in my opinion.