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Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 038 – Sleepless Over Seattle

The GMG Vikings vs Seahawks pregame discussion, or in other words... the 12th Man Can Kiss Our ***

Good morning Horners! As the Minnesota Vikings prepare for their Monday night game against the Seattle Seahawks, Ted, Drew and myself got together and looked to see what is in our favorite team’s future. Questions abound everywhere with the first being, will the Vikings make the playoffs? This will be very dependent on how they play Monday.

Did you know, that there is only been one coach in the history of the modern NFL that has won a Super Bowl that did not within his first five years? If the Vikings failed to make it to the big game this year, head coach Mike Zimmer will fall into that category of not winning in his first five seasons. He has improved the team over the years, but has he stalled with poor decisions on who he hires to run the offense, or has his vision for how the team should play the game grown stale? Any game in the relatively short NFL season can be significant, but this one even more so on how it relates to the Vikings making the playoffs and giving them the opportunity to surprise and make that run through the Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings v New England Patriots
Dalvin Cook should finally be in for a big night versus the Seattle Seahawks defense.
Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

The team will have to set the tone early, and by early we are looking at the first and second drive of the game. If they do not score early and often, CenturyLink Stadium will be rocking with the 12th man, all of those rabid fans. The way to silence them will be to shut down Russell Wilson, their running game, and the overall play of the Seahawks. Three and outs should be the goal for every defensive stand. Kirk Cousins needs to have one of his “good Kirk” games, along with offensive coordinator John DeFilippo calling a more balanced game. Running the ball against Seattle should be more effective because they are not very good at defending it. Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray should be able to have a very good night.

Ted goes over how a victory improves the Vikings odds to make the playoffs greatly. If they win Monday night, and then don’t implode over the last three games of the season, they should easily lock up a playoff spot. However, that will not be the case if they going to Seattle lethargic, and not on top of their game. Player motivation will be key to determine just that.

Drew introduced a new game, called “Way or No Way” in which he asked some interesting questions. How would you answer them? Overall, the crew wasn’t feeling overly optimistic about the prime time contest, however, we all will be watching and cheering for the victory. How is your mood for the team heading into this road game?

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As always, enjoy the watch!