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Vikings have several plays in NFL’s Top 100 Plays of 2017

Yes, we’re in full offseason mode

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Since we have, officially, hit the offseason, it’s time for compilation packages of some of 2017’s best moments. The National Football League has gotten off to a roaring start in this regard, as they’ve released their compilation of the Top 100 Plays from the 2017 NFL season.

For a 13-3 team, the Vikings didn’t have that many plays in the video, as they appear four times. Then again, I suppose that three would be about average for a 32-team league, so it’s not awful, I suppose. The video is below, but clicking on it is just going to direct you to watch it on YouTube, so after the placeholder is a key to where you can see the Vikings in this video and where that particular play ranked.

Play #80 (4:19) - Sam Bradford finds Stefon Diggs for a 2-yard touchdown pass just before halftime in the Week 1 victory over New Orleans.

Play #62 (7:51) - Laquon Treadwell’s one-handed catch in the Week 6 victory over Green Bay.

Play #48 (10:39) - Case Keenum escapes a sack a couple of times and lofts one to Adam Thielen for a first down in the Week 11 victory over Los Angeles.

Play #2 (24:24) - Go ahead. . .take a guess.

I mean, the fact that the Minneapolis Miracle wasn’t #1 is stupid. But, we should probably expect that, am I right? Honestly, though, we all know that it was the best play of 2017.

There were plenty of plays on the video that happened to Minnesota, unfortunately, but it’s not as if I’m going to catalog those. But there are plenty of outstanding plays from this past season other than the ones shown above, so enjoy the video, folks!