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Where should Mike Remmers start in 2018?

He started at one spot and finished the year in another

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When the Minnesota Vikings signed offensive tackle Mike Remmers shortly after the start of the 2017 free agency season, the signing did not elicit much reaction from fans of the purple. The only thing that anyone seemed to remember about Remmers was him getting worked by Von Miller in Super Bowl L as a member of the Carolina Panthers, but let’s be honest. . .Von Miller does that to lots of guys.

In the end, however, Remmers turned out to be a solid signing for the Vikings. Despite missing several games with a combination of a concussion and lower back injuries, Remmers turned out to be a big part of the Vikings’ offensive line taking a big step forward from the mess they were in 2016. However, the way Remmers’ season ended leaves a bit of a question for 2018.

After the injury to guard Nick Easton, the Vikings made a shift in their offensive line configuration, moving Remmers from right tackle to left guard. . .a position that he had never played in the NFL. . .and starting Rashod Hill at right tackle. Hill played well when Remmers was out with his injury issues, and it appears that the Vikings felt more comfortable with Hill at right tackle than they would have been with Jeremiah Sirles at left guard. (I’m not saying that’s really the reasoning, but that’s how it appeared on the surface.)

At this point, nobody seems to know whether or not moving Remmers to guard is a permanent thing or not. The Vikings will still likely continue their focus on the offensive line in both free agency and the 2018 NFL Draft, but what they do with Remmers might determine where their focus lies. If they decide that they’re moving Remmers to guard on a permanent basis, the team could be looking at players like Mike McGlinchey of Notre Dame or Oregon’s Tyrell Crosby to fill the gap at right tackle. Moving Remmers back to right tackle might allow the Vikings to focus on interior line help in the form of Ohio State guard/center Billy Price or Isaiah Wynn out of Georgia.

Personally, I hope the Vikings move Remmers back to right tackle, simply because I like the interior line class in this year’s draft more than I like the tackles, I think. But, since your mileage may vary on this, I’m curious as to what you all think. I’m not an expert on offensive line play or anything, but if anyone out there is, hopefully they can enlighten us.


In 2018, the Minnesota Vikings would be best suited starting Mike Remmers at. . .

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  • 18%
    Left guard
    (342 votes)
  • 81%
    Right tackle
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