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John DeFilippo sings the praises of Kirk Cousins

But does it mean anything as far as the Vikings’ quarterback situation?

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

We still have a few weeks before we finally. . .and mercifully. . .get a resolution to the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback situation. The Vikings have three quarterbacks that they’re familiar with that have shown they can win games for the Vikings in Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater, and Sam Bradford. However, last Friday the team’s new Offensive Coordinator was singing the praises of a quarterback that has never taken a snap for the Vikings.

In his first opportunity to join Paul Allen on KFAN, John DeFilippo had some very nice things to say about the prize quarterback in this year’s free agent pool, Washington Redskins signal caller Kirk Cousins.

“Obviously, I know a pretty good deal about him because we’re in the same division you know the last two seasons,” DeFilippo said. “And I’ve had to compete against Kirk at some other places I’ve been. So obviously Kirk’s a heck of a football player. He’s got a lot of skills. He’s accurate. He’s got plenty of arm strength, and does some really nice things. I mean, Kirk’s a very good quarterback.”

DeFilippo’s comments probably mean that the Vikings are going to be “in” on the Cousins Sweepstakes in some way. Will they ultimately be the winner of that sweepstakes? There’s a chance, I suppose. Any contract that Cousins signs is likely going to make him the highest-paid player in the NFL, and if the Vikings think they can do that without compromising the rest of the roster too much, I’m certain that Rick Spielman will be aggressive in bringing him in.

DeFilippo has gotten to see Cousins up close a couple of times a year for the past few seasons, and his input will be taken into account in the Vikings’ quarterback derby over these next few weeks. Whoever the quarterback for this team is in 2018, given DeFilippo’s track record, I think we can expect him to get the best out of whichever quarterback it is.