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Which Vikings player would you want as your neighbor?

In celebration of a very special anniversary

Cincinnati Bengals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

There are quite a few of us that have the day off today because of President’s Day, but there’s another notable anniversary that deserves celebrating today.

It was on this date fifty years ago that a little television program called Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood made its debut on American television. The show had been on the air in Canada for a few years in various forms prior to that, but it was on 19 February 1968 that the show was first aired by National Education Television (which would later become the Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS).

Now, while Fred Rogers wasn’t a Marine Corps sniper or anything. . .though the thought of such a thing is pretty hilarious. . .he was a part of the formative years of quite a number of us, I would imagine. So, in honor of his 50th anniversary on American television, we want to ask. . .

Which member of the Minnesota Vikings would you want to have as your neighbor?

The Vikings have put together a roster of a lot of character guys since the Mike Zimmer era began, and so this is kind of a difficult choice. Personally, though, I think I’d be inclined to say the longest-tenured member of the team, defensive end Brian Robison.

Robison just seems like the kind of guy that would be a pretty solid neighbor. He doesn’t seem like the type that would cause any problems, he likes to fish and head out on the lake, and he generally seems like a pretty decent guy. Plus, he’s from Texas, so I’d be willing to wager that he knows his way around a grill or a smoker, which is always a helpful attribute when it comes to being a good neighbor.

How about you folks? Which member of the Vikings would you want as your neighbor?