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Vikings Foundation sends Super Bowl confetti to charitable Eagles fans

Because class, that’s why.

NFL: Super Bowl LII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Super Bowl LII and, specifically, the way the 2017 season ended for the Minnesota Vikings, our favorite football team actually made a pretty nice gesture towards those fans of the Philadelphia Eagles that donated to the team’s charitable foundation.

There were some Eagles’ fans that made charitable donations to the Vikings Foundation after the NFC Championship Game, and they received a nice gift from the team for doing so. One user on Reddit posted proof of what they received.

It turns out that the team sent out a jar of the confetti that fell at U.S. Bank Stadium after the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, as well as a thank you note that reads as follows:

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Eagles Fans!

To show our appreciation of your donation to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation we are excited to present you with this jar of authentic Eagle’s (sic) confetti from Super Bowl 52.

Your positive attitude and great sportsmanship towards the Minnesota Vikings did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you and SKOL!

My advice would be to skip the comments on the Reddit post itself, as there’s at least one jackhole on there that’s suggesting that it’s fake, because that’s the sort of thing the team would do, I guess.* I guess that, for some people, nothing is good enough.

In any case, it’s pretty cool of the Vikings to do this for fans that sent charitable donations in to the team for the reasons they sent it in. (You can read the article from FOX 9 linked above for the reasoning behind it.) Hopefully, when the most deserving fan base in all of professional sports finally gets their championship, we’ll have stories of our fans receiving similar platitudes from the host city.

* - Actually, that’s not the sort of thing that they would do, because that would be really stupid.