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Daily Norseman makes the Dan Patrick Show

Well, we weren’t on the show or anything, really. They just mentioned us.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t actually news or anything. . .it really isn’t news at all. But, it’s still pretty cool, I think.

On yesterday’s episode of The Dan Patrick Show, the crew was talking about quarterbacks, and Dan Patrick was talking about why he thinks that quarterback Kirk Cousins should make his way to the Minnesota Vikings.

During the discussion, Paul Pabst, who the show refers to as “Paulie,” actually name dropped our humble little corner of the internet on their show as a source.

Now, it was just a brief mention, and I’m not even sure which particular article on the site they were citing, but still. . .it’s pretty cool.

Dan Patrick was a big part of my formative sports-watching years, as he was one of the main anchors on the late SportsCenter for many, many moons. Even after 12 years of doing this particular gig for SB Nation and finding our way into various forms of media, it’s still kind of cool to hear this sort of thing happen.

So, thanks to Dan and Paulie and the rest of the crew from The Dan Patrick Show. . .and, you know, feel free to name drop us in the future, too. Seriously, we don’t mind.