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Brad Childress’ retirement lasted less than a week

And now the Vikings will see him twice a year!

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles 9-9-2012 Photo my David Dermer/Diamond Images/ Getty Images

Less than a week ago, we passed along the word that former Minnesota Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress was going to be retiring from the world of coaching. Perhaps Childress should look into a career in either boxing or professional wrestling, because he might now be pushing the record for the shortest retirement ever.

Yes, Childress is back, and now the Vikings will get to see him twice a year. That’s because he’s heading to the Windy City to be an offensive consultant with the Chicago Bears. He joins the coaching staff now headed up by Matt Nagy, who served as co-offensive coordinator with Childress under Andy Reid with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It isn’t known at this point in time how much Childress will actually have to do with the offense. Nagy has brought in former Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich to be his offensive coordinator, but Childress could have some input via his consulting role.

So, I suppose just six days after a “best of luck,” a “welcome back” is in order. I don’t know if we’re going to see the return of the Kick-Ass Offense in Chicago, but who knows?