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Vikings officially request permission to interview John DeFilippo

Other wheels could be in motion, though

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Minicamp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Apparently the Vikings will, in fact, be interviewing John DeFilippo for their Offensive Coordinator job on Thursday. Original article follows.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings have officially requested permission from the Philadelphia Eagles to interview John DeFilippo for their Offensive Coordinator position.

As we mentioned yesterday, DeFilippo’s contract doesn’t officially expire until 14 February, and any interview for an OC position can be blocked until that time. Hence the reason why the Vikings are requesting permission to interview him before his deal officially expires.

With the Josh McDaniels situation that happened in Indianapolis yesterday, the Colts’ scramble for a new head coach could lead DeFilippo to not become available after all. How so?

Well, the Colts have interviewed the Eagles’ current offensive coordinator, former NFL quarterback Frank Reich, for their head coaching job. If Reich should take the job in Indianapolis, that would leave the Eagles with an opening at the Offensive Coordinator spot, and you would have to imagine that DeFilippo would be more inclined to take that opening if the Eagles were to offer it to him.

It would be a pretty Vikings thing to have happen, the team waiting all this time to finally get an opportunity to speak to the guy that they (apparently) want to fill the Offensive Coordinator job, only to have something happen somewhere else that sets a chain of events in motion that prevents it from happening. But, if the DeFilippo hire falls through for whatever reason, the Vikings have hired some pretty capable candidates, and you would have to believe that they’d be quite happy to take over the reins of this Minnesota offense.

Obviously, as this situation unfolds further, we’ll have more about it right here. I know a lot of the stories we’re doing right now are centered around the search for an Offensive Coordinator, but seriously. . .what else is going on right now?