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Reports: Vikings Will ‘Likely’ Be Kissing Cousins for $28 million/yr

You like that?

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Multiple reports coming out of the NFL have Kirk Cousins going to the Minnesota Vikings for a three year deal that will average $28 million a year, per WCCO’s Mark Rosen and multiple other sources. Others seem to be haveily leaning towards Cousins to the Vikings, but are not 100% sold.

Cousins, one of the most sought after free agent QB’s in NFL history, will also be one of the most expensive. Cousins and Minnesota were always a rumored free agent matchup, even before the season ended. When the Vikings were non-committal on 2017 starter Case Keenum, or previous starters Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater, that talk heated up, and once reports came out of Keenum signing with Denver, Cousins to Minnesota became a foregone conclusion.

With the QB question now seemingly answered for the Vikings, attention will now turn to other needs the Vikings have, namely offensive line. defensive line depth, and maybe nickel back.

As for other Vikings quarterbacks, rumors had the New York Jets interested in Teddy Bridgewater, but nothing has been confirmed. As to Sam bradford, there was rumor yesterday that the Buffalo Bills might be interested, but like Bridgewater, nothing appeared imminent. Will that change with Cousins likely coming to Minnesota? We’ll see.

UPDATE: Per Adam Schefter, the Cousins contract will be fully guaranteed. So, yeah, that’s...something: