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NFL Free Agency 2018: Trey Burton to sign with Chicago Bears

He was rumored to potentially be a target of the Vikings

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

For a good portion of this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings had been linked to Philadelphia Eagles’ tight end Trey Burton as a potential destination. However, not only has that not materialized, it turns out that Burton is on his way to an NFC North rival instead.

Numerous sources are reporting that Burton will be signing with the Chicago Bears when free agency gets underway on Wednesday. Burton will join wide receiver Allen Robinson as the Bears continue to rebuild their weapons around quarterback Mitchell “Don’t you dare call me Mitch” Trubisky.

Burton is probably best known for throwing a touchdown pass (that shouldn’t have counted) in the Eagles’ victory in Super Bowl LII this past season. In his four years in the NFL, he has caught 63 passes for 629 yards and six touchdowns. No word on what the numbers on the deal are at this point, but the rumors were that he could command a deal in the $6-7 million per season range.

The rest of the NFC North isn’t sitting on their hands this offseason so far, as they continue their efforts to catch the Vikings in the divisional standings. We’ll be reporting on the rest of the division’s moves as well as the ones made by the Vikings.