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More Green Garbage

Eagles Trash talking Vikings

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On this St. Patrick’s day, it seems the Eagles organization and Bleeding Green Nation thought themselves comedic enough to jump on a Vikings tweet about not wearing green (a reference to the Packers) and posting a picture of Kirk Cousins wearing green back in his days at Michigan State.

Apparently this is regarded as a ‘win’ for the Eagles.

Of course, this is the same fan base and organization that watched their fans parade down Broad street with a ‘F@ck Millie’ banner and thought it was funny too.

This is only one incident and a long history of completely classless behavior which has come to define the Eagles fan base:

They pelt snowballs at their own fan dressed up as Santa Claus, they throw batteries at fans, players and coaches, they fight each other all the time, they punch horses (police horses), they cheer when an opposing team player suffers serious injury, they go out of their way to show they have no ounce of self-respect by harassing opposing teams fans, opposing team’s players families, and of course getting drunk and disorderly unlike any other fan base. Apparently the old Veteran’s stadium had to install a drunk tank jail in the basement to house all the drunk and disorderly fans every week. Things haven’t improved either, as Vikings fans found out at the NFC Championship game in the ‘city of brotherly love.’

Some Eagles fans won’t take their kids to the games just because of the drunk and disorderly fans are so bad.

Some Eagles’ fans, embarrassed by the classlessness of their fan base, did something to apologize for it by donating to Mike Zimmer’s charitable organization

But all this just goes to show that no matter how many games the Philadelphia Eagles win, their fan base (or at least a significant part of it) will always be losers.