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Minnesota Vikings Salary Cap Space Update

The purple are likely done with free agency for now

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With the National Football League now, officially, one week into free agency, we can take a look and see exactly where the Minnesota Vikings stand financially and whether or not they’re going to be making any more major moves before the 2018 NFL Draft.

According to the publically available report from the NFLPA, the Vikings are currently sitting on $20,921,266 of cap space. If you figure that they’re going to need about $6 million to sign their draft picks this April, that leaves them with a shade under $15 million of space to play with. I believe that this update was put together before the Vikings’ re-signing of Kai Forbath, but I can’t imagine that his contract is going to be terribly expensive.

The Vikings are likely done with the bulk of free agency for now, and will likely be shifting their focus to the NFL Draft to build the rest of their roster. According to the NFLPA report, the Vikings have 57 players under contract, and only the top 51 salary count as far as calculating salary cap space, so they could potentially sign some players to smaller, short-term deals. But, as far as big splashes are concerned. . .insofar as there are any more “big splashes” to be made in this portion of free agency. . .it would appear that the Vikings have already done all the cannonballs they’re going to do.

We may take a look later on at whether or not there are any “under the radar” free agents that Rick Spielman and company could consider bringing in, but I’d be surprised by any signings at this point.