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Vikings sign Josiah Price and Nick Dooley, release Shaan Washington

More roster churn for the purple

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Minnesota Vikings announced a couple of roster moves involving at least one familiar face.

The team has announced that they have signed tight end Josiah Price and long snapper Nick Dooley, and that they have released linebacker Shaan Washington.

Price spent last offseason with the Vikings after going undrafted out of Michigan State, and he was a part of the team’s final cuts. It does not appear that he spent time anywhere else after the Vikings let him go last year.

Dooley played his college ball at Texas-El Paso, and went undrafted in 2015. He’s listed at 6’8” and 310 pounds, which seems like an awfully big guy to have at the long snapper position. He’ll compete with Kevin McDermott, apparently. . .I didn’t think the team would bring in competition for McDermott, but it appears that they have.

(Note: The Vikings’ official roster page has Dooley listed at 280, but a couple of other sites have him in the 300-310 pound range. Maybe he’s lost some weight over the past couple of years.)

Washington was undrafted out of Texas A&M last season, and signed with the Vikings after the draft. He suffered an injury during camp and was placed on injured reserve by the team.

These moves aren’t high profile by any stretch, but they’re moves made by our favorite football team none the less.