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A Learning Experience: Sharrif Floyd


Sharrif Floyd took to Instagram Saturday morning to express his frustrations over the last few years. Floyd quoted head coach Mike Zimmer, and some of his public comments before, and after his surgery.

Sharrif Floyd's IG

Mike Zimmer is definitely an old school coach. He is passionate, and loves to motivate his players through being honest and blunt. Injury situations are often complex and delicate, and if mishandled can lead players sour towards coaches or organizations.

Sharrif Floyd's IG

Floyd's post reminds us that players are still human underneath the pads. The reality of the "are you injured or are you hurt" illustrates an imperfect ideology that exist with professional sports. Zimmer, like most, thought the surgery would be routine, and Floyd would be back sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, publicly disparaging a player will never magically heal them.

Zimmer's passion for the game should be admired. His experience has led him to being one of the most successful coaches in the league. The Floyd situation is a learning experience for him however. Coaches are teachers, and like teachers, there is never only one way to motivate a student. The hope is Floyd will play football again, but not in a Vikings uniform.