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Ted Mock 2.0: Mock Harder

NFL: International Series-NFL UK Live Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hi kids, and welcome to Ted Mock 2.0: Mock Harder. I’m still not a fan of mock drafts, and probably never will be. But you guys like them, and even though they’re completely pointless, it’s a fun* way to pass the time until the actual draft next month in New York Chicago Philadelphia Dallas.

*This is debatable

So here we are, providing you the content you ask for, nee demand! Because nothing gets people worked up more than a fake draft that has about a 0.5% chance of coming to fruition. Think I’m wrong? Here’s a link to my last mock draft prior to the actual draft from last year; I got exactly one guy right, and he was in the wrong round. If nothing else, click the link to see what I said about Case Keenum while discussing the first round pick the Vikings didn’t have, and that should forever end the argument on whether or not I’m an idiot.

Anyway, I did Ted 1.0 last week, and I’ll try to roll one out once a week until the actual draft. As always, I’m using the Fanspeak Deluxe mock draft website where I can propose and accept trades, because spending my own money to bring you free stuff is how capitalism works, right? Or something. Whatever.

In determining my picks, I’m going by what I feel are the biggest needs for the Vikings, now that free agency has (mostly) ended for the Vikes:

Offensive Line, particularly the interior line. Joe Berger has officially retired, Jeremiah Sirles is now with the Panthers, and I’m not sure I believe Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman when they say they’re going to move Mike Remmers inside. They signed Danny McBride Tom Compton, but he’s expected to be a primary backup at a lot of positions, as opposed to starting. Other points of interest:

Defensive Line depth

Running Back or Wide Receiver depth

Cornerback Depth

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the picks the Vikings have in this year’s draft:

My draft strategy is to try and mimic GM Rick Spielman as much as possible—controlled aggression to get players that are dropping (see Dalvin Cook) or the best players available at a real position of need (see Pat Elflein). I know Spielman likes to have 10 picks heading in to draft weekend, and if he doesn’t have them he’ll make trades like moonshiners make bad whiskey to get to ten picks on draft weekend. But my ultimate goal is to get the best players I can assemble, not assemble 10 players.

Okay, let’s get to it.

First Round:

I had no offers when the draft started, but as I went on the clock, I got one that was too good to pass up:

The Texans offer was decent, but the Bills offering Pick 53, 65, and 96 for pick 30?

Yeah, that gives me 10 picks, with four of them in the top 100? I do it. These are now my set of picks:

I also have the seventh pick on the 7th round, but I couldn’t get them all to fit in the screen capture muahahahaha. So, now I have 10 picks. I AM RICK SPIELMAN WOOOOOOOO...but I did not have a pick in this round.

Second Round:

I really thought about trying to trade up in the second round and get either a guy like Billy Price or Will Hernandez, but I decided to stay put. I had a couple trade offers, but I had no intention of trading down again unless I got a great deal. I didn’t. So as the big board falls on my first pick in this round, it looks like this:

I think if I remain patient I can still get a good offensive lineman, but if I don’t get the guy I want here, he’ll be gone in nine picks.

Selection: Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech

Rationale: Settle is a versatile guy that can play both the NT and 3-technique, and with Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen gone, an interior rotational depth of Settle, Linval Joseph, Sheldon Richardson, and Jaleel Johnson gives me a warm fuzzy.

I have to wait another eight picks, and I’m on the board again. I have a couple more trade offers, but I’m not interested. Here’s my big board:

Selection: Jamarco Jones, T, Ohio State

Rationale: Jones is the best lineman left on the board, and assuming he can come in and compete for a starting RT job, he frees up Mike Remmers to move inside...if you believe the Vikings are really intent on doing that.

Third Round:

Three picks for the third round (65, 94, 96), and I already have my two biggest needs addressed with two lunchpail-type guys the Vikings love. I didn’t get any trade offers to start off the round, so here’s my big board:

Pick 65 Selection: Braden Smith, G, Auburn

Rationale: Tom Compton was a good depth signing, but Jones and Smith give me a really, really solid offensive line. I really like how the offensive line is shaping up, and I’m pretty happy with the way things have unfolded. I get offered two trades for pick 94, but

Let’s see the big board for my next two picks:

I don’t get any trades, so here are my two picks:

Pick 94 selection: Cameron Kelly, CB, SD State

Rationale: If you think Mackensie Alexander can step up and take the slot position, and that Terence Newman will have one more good year, this could seem like a luxury pick for this year. If you doubt either of those things, then Kelly is a good pick here. He is big (6’2”) and has some speed, the two physical traits Zimmer covets in a defensive back. Lorenzo Carter goes off the board at 95, so at pick 96...

Pick 96 selection: Rashad Penny, RB, San Diego St

Rationale: The Vikings like taking guys from the same team, they need a running back, and Penny is only one of the most productive backs in NCAA history. He’s more of a between the tackles runner, but man, it’s hard to pass up on this kind of production. Dalvin Cook, Latavius Murray, and Penny? That’s a heck of a backfield, and Penny can assume Murray’s role next year.

Fourth Round:

No selection. Sam Bradford says hi from Arizona, where the dry air and lack of humidity really helps his knee. He’s found a nice retirement community, and is now skiing twice a week.

Fifth Round:

No big trade offers, so here’s my big board for the fifth round:

Oh, I see the ‘Player Everyone Mocks For Their Team’ for 2018 is still on the board so LET ME PICK HIM SO YOU WILL ALL LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT IT JEEEEEEEEEEZ

Selection: Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF: I don’t claim to be any draft expert, but the Vikes like to draft guys that have the proverbial chip on thier shoulder, or guys that are overlooked and are extra motivated to proved everyone wrong. If ever there was a guy in the latter category, it’s Griffen. Plus he’s also potential insurance in case the Vikings don’t re-sign Anthony Barr or Eric Kendricks.

Sixth Round:

We’re now getting to the part of the draft where I really turn towards the best player available, because I want to fill out the roster with guys that will have the best chance to make the roaster. I have three picks in this round (204, 213, 218), and that’s how I’m approaching things. Here’s my big board as it comes around to me:

Pick 204 Selection: Warren Carrington II, WR, Utah

Rationale: With Jarius Wright departing, another WR is important, and Carrington had over 900 yards receiving with Utah last year.

Pick 213 Selection: Dalton Schulz, TE, Stanford

Rationale: Might be Kyle Rudolph’s potential replacement. Then again, he might not.

Pick 218 selection: Shaun Dion Hamilton, LB, Alabama

Rationale: More linebacker insurance. Me likey.

Seventh Round:

I’m tired, I want this to end. I don’t care.

Selection: Ray Ray McCloud, WR, Clemson

Rationale: I like the name Ray Ray better than all the other names left on the board. A board I didn’t copy and paste. Because I’m tired.

So, to recap, here’s Ted’s Mock 2.0 Draft Class:

What are your thoughts?


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