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Church provides no sanctuary from QB questions for Rick Spielman

Even at church, he’s getting questions

NFL: International Series-Minnesota Vikings Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If I had to venture a guess, I’d be willing to wager that Minnesota Vikings’ General Manager Rick Spielman is as tired of answering quarterback questions as we all are of asking them (and, apparently, as folks here are of reading about them). But we’re officially to the point where people are asking questions at places that should provide a bit of sanctuary.

Craig Peters has a piece up on the Vikings’ official website that talks about how Spielman can’t even avoid questions about the team’s quarterback situation at his local house of worship.

From the priest, no less.

“[Friday morning], I went to mass at 6:30, and we had 13 priests in there,” Spielman said. “I was thinking, ‘Thank God, I can just get away from the quarterback thing.’ We went through all mass, and sure enough, when I went to get a cup of coffee, one of the priests came up [and said], ‘What are you going to do at quarterback?’ I was like, ‘God, I almost made it.’ ”

No word on whether or not Spielman answered in Latin. (He probably didn’t, but it would have been something if he had, wouldn’t it?)

Now, I don’t care if you’re religious or not or anything along those lines, but man. . .Trader Rick can’t even get an hour’s reprieve from the questions about the quarterback position for the Vikings. You’d think that would be something that could be arranged, but apparently it is not. Can the man get one whole hour? Seriously?

I know that we all want an answer to what the Vikings are going to do with the quarterback situation, but if he has the answer at this point, he apparently hasn’t provided it to anybody. . .on Earth or anywhere else.