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Vegas really likes the Vikings’ chances of landing Kirk Cousins

To the point where it’s not even a good bet anymore

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hat tip to The Viking Age for finding this one first.

With the “legal tampering” period of free agency just four days away, things are going to start getting pretty heated. And, if we’ve learned anything over there years, it’s the fact that there’s literally nothing that you can’t bet on. As such, the sharps from gambling sites all over the internet have had odds on which NFL team will win the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes for some time.

While the Minnesota Vikings didn’t start out at the top of that list, they’re certainly there now. . .and they’re to the point where they aren’t even a good bet anymore.

According to the folks at Bovada, Cousins to the Vikings is now set at a line of -230. For those of you that aren’t super familiar with how betting lines work. . .and I’m definitely in that crowd. . .that means that you would have to bet $230 in order to make a $100 profit on your wager if you were correct. A wager of $100, on the other hand, would net you a little over $40 ($43.48, if this calculator is to be believed).

There are three other teams listed on Bovada’s line for a potential Cousins wager. The next-best bet, according to them, would be the New York Jets, who currently sit at +300 (meaning that a $100 wager would get you a profit of $300). The Denver Broncos are on there at +400, and the Arizona Cardinals are a real longshot at a line of +1500.

As always, we provide you these numbers for entertainment purposes only. Unless you win, in which case we expect a cut of your winnings. (Okay, not really, though it would be nice of you to consider us.)