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Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft: Chris Mock Draft v4.0

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Better late than. . .well, whatever.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been a bit scarce over the past few days, and I apologize for that. I’m currently in the middle of attending training in beautiful and scenic. . .Nebraska.

(Insert Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar here saying, “Hi. I’m in Nebraska.”)

But, I wanted to put together another mock draft for everyone’s perusal. After all, Ted put out his fourth Minnesota Vikings-centric mock this week, and I can’t let him get too far ahead, right? So, let’s once again fire up the On the Clock Draft Simulator from the folks at FanSpeak and see what sort of damage we can do to the purple’s future this time around.

This time around, I’m going to go back to Matt Miller’s Big Board because. . .hey, I like Matt. And it’s been updated as of today, which is always nice. I’m setting the computer GMs to use Random big boards, because in theory everyone’s board is going to be different. Let’s start this party, folks!

Round 1, Pick #30

Before the round even gets underway, I get two trade offers. . .and, in something that I rarely see, they’re offers to trade up.

Both the Carolina Panthers and the Tennessee Titans offer me, essentially, the same deal. Frankly, the difference between #24 or #25 and #30 isn’t all that significant, and it damn sure isn’t worth giving up my second rounder for, so I take a pass on both offers and start the round.

As my pick comes around, I get two more trade offers.

As much as I would like to get a boatload of picks, accepting either one of these trades means that the earliest I would be making my first selection would be #59 overall, if I accept the trade from San Francisco. That’s just way too far to drop. Neither of these teams have second-round picks to offer (San Francisco because of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and the Jets because they used their second rounders to move up in Round 1 already), which is why they both have to offer so much. But, I’m not waiting that long to make my first pick, so it’s another no from me, dawg.

So, now that it’s time for me to actually make a selection, here’s what the board looks like:

Injury be damned, one of my draft crushes is right up at the top of the board, so I’ll make it easy on myself and go with him.

Billy Price, C/G, Ohio State

Yes, I know he’s not going to be 100% until the start of Training Camp. As soon as he’s healthy, he’s a plug-and-play starter on this offensive line. The team can decide whether they want Pat Elflein at center and Price at guard or vice versa. After all, they’re the last two Rimington Award winners as the best center in college football. . .I’m sure it would work whichever way the Vikings wanted to do it.

Round 2, Pick #30 (Pick #62 overall)

Two more trade proposals come my way before the round starts.

So, virtual John Lynch is apparently drunk here. Seriously, you want to give me an extra draft pick so that you can move back three spots? That’s a trade that would never happen in the actual draft, so I can’t see myself accepting it here. The Texans’ deal is intriguing, though. I drop back six spots and get a mid-third in exchange. Yeah, let’s go ahead and do that. We trade out of Round 2 completely.

As we move to Round 3. . .where we now have three selections. . .two more trade offers come in from AFC West teams, each wanting to deal for a different pick.

I’m going to take the deal with Kansas City to drop just six spots (from the pick I just received from the Texans) and get myself into the fourth round. So, let’s actually select some players here, shall we?

Round 3, Pick #4 (Pick #68 overall, from Houston)

As we finally get to a point where we can make another selection, here’s what the board looks like:

Kirk is tempting, but just about every receiver the Vikings currently list on their roster can play in the slot, and that’s his best fit as of now. Let’s address the secondary.

Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn

Davis has prototypical size for a corner in today’s NFL, at 6’1” and about 200 pounds. His biggest issue seems to be that he’s a bit grabby downfield. Hmmmm. . .big, tall, physical corner that’s a bit grabby. Sounds like the profile of a guy the Vikings drafted not too long ago that’s turned out alright. I think Mike Zimmer and company could make Davis work.

Round 3, Pick #22 (Pick #86 overall, from Kansas City)

Since a few picks have passed, let’s take a look at our board here once again.

Now is the time to address the wide receiver position.

D.J. Chark, WR, Louisiana State

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Vikings’ offense has officially. . .

(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

. . .jumped the Chark.

Chark is the sort of deep threat that the Vikings’ offense could certainly use. Yes, he didn’t put up eye-popping numbers at LSU, but given that LSU has struggled at quarterback since JaMarcus Russell graduated, Chark could potentially become the next Tigers’ receiver to hit it big in the NFL after not exactly filling the stat sheet in college.

Round 3, Pick #30 (Pick #94 overall)

Since the board hasn’t changed that much, I’m going to take a guy that I took last time that still has no business being available at this spot.

Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma

Seriously, I can’t not take him here. The talent is just too overwhelming. I gave my justifications last time.

Onward to the fourth round, where we now have a selection!

Round 4, Pick #22 (Pick #122 overall, from Kansas City)

No trade offers come in for this pick, so let’s take a look at our board.

Oh, hey, the best player available fills a need for us again. Thanks, Chiefs!

Nyhiem Hines, RB, North Carolina State

The Vikings need a third running back with the departure of Jerick McKinnon, and Hines offers the sort of versatility that the Vikings could use. He’d almost certainly become the primary kick returner in Minnesota right from the start, and could work his way into other roles in the backfield as well.

We’ve got quite a wait for our next pick, but we’ve also got five picks in the final three rounds as things stand right now.

Round 5, Pick #30 (Pick #167 overall)

No trade offers come in again, so let’s take a look at the board.

The board smiles on us again.

Kendrick Norton, DL, Miami (FL)

Norton isn’t going to get the same sort of attention as some of his Hurricanes teammates on Draft Day, but he’s got everything it takes to be a solid backup nose tackle that can learn at the knee of Linval Joseph while working his way into the rotation.

On to Round 6, where we have three selections.

Round 6, Pick #30 (Pick #204 overall)

According to the simulator, our needs are currently guard, guard, tight end, and safety. I don’t think the guard assessment is necessarily accurate, as either Price or Elflein would end up at one guard spot and Mike Remmers would likely end up at the other after being displaced by Brown. So, we’re not exactly married to any one position at this point.

With that, let’s have a look at the board.

Holton Hill is definitely tempting, but with his off-field issues, he strikes me as the kind of guy the Vikings wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. So, let’s grab the guy right below him.

Tony Brown, CB, Alabama

Brown has ridiculous speed, but was a bit undisciplined on the field with the Crimson Tide. He seems like the kind of guy that Mike Zimmer would like to mold, much like Carlton Davis earlier.

I’m just going to sort of whip through these last few picks, because it’s getting late over here, ladies and gentlemen.

Round 6, Pick #39 (Pick #213 overall, Compensatory selection)

Cam Serigne, TE, Wake Forest

Round 6, Pick #44 (Pick #218 overall, Compensatory selection)

Scott Quessenberry, C, UCLA

Round 7, Pick #7 (Pick #225 overall, from Denver)

Marcell Harris, S, Florida

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Another mock draft from yours truly is in the books. Here’s your opportunity to grade it and let me know what you think overall. If you want to see how all 256 picks of the draft went overall, you can check out the whole thing right here.


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