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BTSC/SB Nation Live Mock Draft: Results for the Minnesota Vikings

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I took part in the BTSC/SB Nation Live Mock Draft last Friday through Sunday to draft all 7 rounds. It took awhile but was kind of fun for me.

There were some no shows and I had to pick up a couple of teams to draft for as well which made it harder.

There was no trading of future picks or player which made it tougher to move around in the draft although I did have some discussions. I was trying to move up to #22 or #25 to snag an offensive lineman but the price was a bit steep.

I was hoping to trade up for Mike McGlinchey but he went at #17 to the Chargers. I was willing to trade up to #25 to get Josh Jackson but he went at #18 to the Seahawks.

As it turned out I think I was fortunate.

Here is a link to the draft tracker and the picks I made ...

Draft Tracker

30. Connor Williams: OT, Texas 6’5.1” 296

5.05 forty; 34” vertical; 9’4” broad; 7.83 3-cone; 4.63 short shuttle; 26 bench reps

nfl scouting report

62. Donte Jackson CB LSU 5’10.4” 178

4.32 forty; 37” vertical; 10’4” broad; 7 bench reps

nfl scouting report

94. Tarvarius Moore S So. Miss 6’1.1” 199

4.32 forty; 38.5” vertical; 11’1” broad; 6.95 3-cone; 4.20 short shuttle; 7 bench reps

nfl scouting report

167. Oren Burks ILB Vandy 6’3.1” 233

4.59 forty; 39.5” vertical; 10’11” broad; 6.82 3-cone; 4.15 short shuttle; 18 bench reps

nfl scouting report

204. Ade Aruna Edge Tukane 6’4.5” 262

4.60 forty; 38.5” vertical; 10’8” broad; 7.53 3-cone; 4.48 short shuttle; 18 bench reps

nfl scouting report

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

213. Ito Smith RB So Miss 5’8.5” 200

4.45 forty; 36.5” vertical; 9’11” broad; 7.22 3-cone; 4.56 short shuttle; 22 bench reps

nfl scouting report

draft blurp

218. Parry Nickerson CB Tulane 5’10.3” 182

4.32 forty; 33.5” vertical; 10’0” broad; 7.31 3-cone; 4.29 short shuttle; 15 bench reps

nfl scouting report

225. Allen Lazard WR Iowa St 6’4.5” 225

4.55 forty; 38” vertical; 10’2” broad; 7.11 3-cone; 4.33 short shuttle; 17 bench reps

nfl scouting report

I like Williams a lot this year and if he is there at #30 then I think he would be the pick.

I added two corners because I think the Vikings need two corners this year and I went for speed more than for size. A lot of speed. Obviously, they need to get in the weight room but that is not a huge concern. You can always get stronger but getting 4.32 speed is not something you can change. You either have it or you don’t.

Well, there you have it.