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ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!? U.S. Men’s Curling Team to announce Vikings’ Day 3 draft picks

The gold medalists will be naming some of the newest Vikings

Olympics: Curling James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The news that former Minnesota Vikings’ defensive tackle Keith Millard would be announcing the team’s second round pick in this year’s NFL Draft was pretty cool. However, the Vikings decided that Day Three of the 2018 NFL Draft needed more of a golden touch.

The league has announced that teams across the National Football League are announcing their Day 3 picks this season from various locations. This year, the Vikings will be doing their picks from the St. Paul Curling Club with the assistance of the U.S. Olympic Men’s Curling Team.

The U.S. Men brought home the first gold medal in curling for the United States in the history of the sport (and just the second Olympic medal that the U.S. has won in the sport overall, the other being a bronze in 2006). Four of the five members of the squad are from the state of Minnesota, which is pretty cool. There’s also one member of the team from Wisconsin, who was clearly carried by the Minnesotans to Olympic glory.**

The Vikings currently have five picks on Day 3 of this year’s Draft (one in the fifth round, three in the sixth round, and one in the seventh). It’s not clear exactly how the U.S. Curlers will be involved in the picks or how many they’ll be involved in, but they will definitely be there.

** - This probably isn’t true, and I’m sure he’s a decent enough guy.