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Babatunde Aiyegbusi makes official WWE Debut

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He was a part of the “Greatest Royal Rumble”

Some people are going to gripe because this is connected to WWE and what have you, but you know what? Too bad, because I think this is pretty cool.

You may remember big Babatunde Aiyegbusi, who came over from the European semi-pro ranks and spent Training Camp in 2015 with the Minnesota Vikings. Obviously, he didn’t make the team, but after he was waived by the Vikings, he found a new calling.

Aiyegbusi signed with the WWE, and has been working at the company’s Performance Center in Orlando. Thus far, he’s been a part of NXT, which basically serves as the WWE’s Developmental System. To this point, he’s been serving as a bodyguard/enforcer for Lio Rush, one of the smaller members of the NXT roster.

On Friday, Aiyegbusi finally got his opportunity on the big stage, as he was a part of the Greatest Royal Rumble, an event that was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The match involved 50 WWE wrestlers, with the setup being that two wrestlers start out and another enters every 90 seconds. The match continues until all but one wrestler has been eliminated.

Aiyegbusi entered at #37 out of 50 participants, and let me tell you. . .dude is huge. The announcers said he was 6’10” and 355 pounds, and that seems accurate from what I could see. He wasn’t in the match for a long period of time, but did get some decent looking offense in before being eliminated by Braun Strowman. . .a man who, if you can picture it, is even larger than Aiyegbusi, at least in terms of weight.

Aiyegbusi seemed like a decent enough guy when he was with the Vikings, even though he didn’t make the team, and hopefully he can follow a similar trajectory in his new pursuit as another guy that couldn’t make the Vikings by the name of Joe Anoa’i. If you’re a WWE fan, you know Mr. Anoa’i as three-time WWE World Champion Roman Reigns.