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2018 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings trade with New York Jets (again)

This is not a repeat

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After trading with the New York Jets and giving up pick #167, the Minnesota Vikings traded back into pick #167.

Yeah, I don’t understand it, either.

The Vikings re-acquired their pick at #167 from the Jets, which is a fifth round pick that they used to select Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson. To move up, the Vikings gave up two sixth round picks. They gave up #180, which they got from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night, and pick #204, which is their original sixth round pick. They also apparently got pick #225 back, which was sent to the Jets in the original trade.

Everything is just freaking weird.

So, after all that, the Vikings are down to three picks. They have their two Compensatory picks in the sixth round of this year’s draft at #213 and #219. They also have the seventh round pick they originally had from the Trevor Siemian deal, which is #225.

If Rick Spielman decides to screw with our heads any more today, we’ll do our best to document it here.

Keep it right here for more from the Minnesota Vikings at the 2018 NFL Draft!