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VIDEO: Team Shuster announces the selection of Jalyn Holmes

We have curling, ladies and gentlemen!

Olympic Preview: U.S. Olympic Team Media Summit Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

As we mentioned earlier this week, the gold medal-winning U.S. Men’s Curling team was going to be involved with announcing Day 3 selections for the Minnesota Vikings from the St. Paul Curling Club, and they got involved in the festivities right away.

The NFL has provided the video of Team Shuster announcing the selection of Ohio State defensive end Jalyn Holmes, and you can see it below via the magic of the Twitters.

You can say what you want about this sort of thing, but I’ll be honest. . .I kind of prefer this to some of the WWE-style heel promos we heard from some of the guys that took to the podium in Dallas yesterday.

The curlers will also, apparently, be announcing the Vikings’ fifth-round selection, which is slated to be at #167 overall. So, they’ve got plenty of time to set up their next shot or whatever else they need to do.