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Vikings Draft Recap with Bison 1660

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Daily Norseman writer Eric Thompson joined Keith Brake of Bison 1660 in Fargo to go over all the moves the Vikings made over the weekend during the 2018 NFL Draft.

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Now that we’re about 48 hours removed from the dust settling on the 2018 NFL Draft, I have had plenty of time to catch up on all eight picks the Vikings made and all 17 undrafted free agents they signed over the weekend. I am thoroughly prepared to discuss the finer points of all the new faces that will be in the Vikings locker room when mini camp starts.

OK, not quite. I was up by Lake Superior all weekend with spotty reception instead of covering the draft at Vikings HQ like I usually do, so I’m still a bit behind. But I have used the past couple days to get up to speed and form some cursory impressions of the players the Vikings selected. So naturally, I was ready to go on the radio and share those superficial opinions!

I joined Keith Brake on Bison 1660 Monday afternoon to discuss each player the Vikings drafted, along with a few others that they didn’t. We went pick-by-pick through the Vikings’ 2018 draft and highlighted some of what I liked (Mike Hughes at 30, Brian O’Neill’s athleticism, adding Jalyn Holmes to the defensive line rotation) along with some of what I didn’t like as much (iffy offensive line depth, giving up draft capital for a kicker). We wrapped up our conversation by going through a couple of the undrafted free agents and mini camp invites that might have a chance to make an impact when Training Camp opens in Eagan.

You can listen to the entire segment here. Thanks again to Keith and the folks at Bison 1660 for having me on; it’s always fun talking shop in Fargo.