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The Film Room breaks down Dalvin Cook

As if you weren’t already excited

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen several videos from Brett Kollmann of “The Film Room” in this space before, and he’s put out another one that’s a must watch for fans of the Minnesota Vikings. This one is all about running back Dalvin Cook, and if you weren’t already excited about the prospect of Cook’s return, you will be after watching this.

It’s not a short video, checking in at about eight minutes (with some advertising at the end), but it’s definitely worth the watch.

Given that the title of the video is “Dalvin Cook is the future of the Vikings offense,” it’s pretty obvious that Kollmann thinks very highly of Cook. He was impressed with him coming out of college as well. But, he’s not afraid to point out some of the weaknesses in Cook’s game. . .such as the fact that the five drops that Cook had in the passing game last season represented one-quarter of the drops the Vikings had as a team in the entire 2017 season. Given that Cook only played 3.5 games, that’s not a great ratio.

But, the short glimpse we got of Dalvin Cook last season was enough for most of us to believe that he could be a huge part of the Vikings’ offense going forward. Hopefully he’ll be able to continue providing the explosive abilities that he showed in his short stint last season.

So, check this video out when you have a few minutes. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.