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The time Kirk Cousins did a cameo on South Park

It happened because he got promoted in real life

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Hat tip to the folks from the Vikings’ page on Reddit for pointing this out.

The season opener for Season 18 of the hit television series South Park was a 30-minute skewering of the Washington Redskins, their owner, Dan Snyder, and the National Football League in general. Called “Go Fund Yourself,” the episode features the four main children in the South Park world starting a company, and in an attempt to find an original name for the company, decide to name it “The Washington Redskins,” as the team’s trademark had lapsed.

Well, in the lead-up to the airing of the episode, Comedy Central had promoted it with a scene featuring Snyder arguing with Eric Cartman, with then-Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in the background.

However, on Monday of that week, the Redskins announced that RGIII was being replaced as the starting quarterback by Cousins, due to RGIII suffering an ankle injury. In typical South Park fashion, by the time the episode actually went to air on Wednesday night, Cousins had replaced Griffin on the show as well.

(Credit to TMZ Sports for the video clips. If the video clips aren’t working for whatever reason, you can click on the link to TMZ Sports there and see them on their page.)

If you’re unfamiliar with how Trey Parker and Matt Stone do episodes of South Park, the entire thing goes from idea to animation to production in about six days. There was even a documentary that came out a few years back called 6 Days to Air that goes through the entire process. That sort of schedule is why South Park can incorporate events that happen in the real world in the time between episodes airing.

I know it’s not quite the same thing as Cousins’ good friend Tom Compton appearing in a real, actual movie, but as a long-time South Park fan, I thought it was pretty cool.