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Adam Thielen gets class out of pre-calculus final (We think)

The teacher made a deal with the class, and Thielen did his part

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UPDATE: Confirmed!

Original story below the line.

Hat tip to The Vikings Wire for finding this one first.

For people like yours truly, high school was a loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. However, even at my advanced age, I remember enough to know that finals time is pretty awful. For one lucky group of students, however, Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver Adam Thielen may have made it a little less awful.

Reid Busker, a student at Staples-Motley High School in Staples, Minnesota, wrote a note on the white board and put it out on Twitter. (Unfortunately, I can’t put the picture on here because Reid’s tweets are protected, but you can see it at the link to The Vikings Wire above.) The note said:

“If Adam Thielen retweets this we don’t have to take our pre-Calc final.”

The note was “signed” by the instructor, Mr. Simmons, and the picture shows Reid and Mr. Simmons shaking hands to seal the deal.

It took Thielen about half an hour to respond to the tweet.

Now, as other sources have pointed out, this isn’t technically a retweet, but rather a reply to the original tweet. So, if Mr. Simmons wants to exercise a technicality on this one, he probably could.

However, it appears that the spirit of the deal has been fulfilled. Will the Staples-Motley students actually get out of their pre-Calculus final? I’m not sure if it’s officially been ruled on one way or another yet. But kudos to Adam Thielen for at least giving it a shot for them.