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Daily Norseman Resource Pages updated

We’ve got a couple of quick site updates

Well, after ignoring a couple of our Resource Pages for a while, I’ve finally sat down and updated both of them.

One of those. . .which I really couldn’t update until now. . .is our database of every single draft pick the Minnesota Vikings have ever made. Ever. The 2018 class is now on there, and the table is still completely sortable for whatever research purposes that you want to use it for.

On top of that, I’ve finally gone through and cleaned up/updated our Minnesota Vikings Twitter List. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten all of the players that are currently on the 90-man roster (the Undrafted Free Agent signings are up with the rest of the roster), as well as our draft class for this year. Some of the media handles have also been added/updated as well.

I’ll effort to do better going forward on keeping the Twitter list updated, but for now you can follow pretty much every member of the Minnesota Vikings that is on the Twitters that I can find right now. (There were about half a dozen players that, apparently, don’t have Twitter accounts.)

Thanks again to all of you that have gotten your Minnesota Vikings draft coverage, and the rest of your Minnesota Vikings news, right here at The Daily Norseman.