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Terrance Williams crashed his car and now he’s trying to blame Kendall Wright

It’s a little confusing, that’s for sure

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last weekend, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams crashed his car into a light pole, and was later arrested by Dallas police for public intoxication. Now, ordinarily this is not the sort of story that would appear on a Minnesota Vikings’ fan site, but there’s been a bit of an interesting twist, courtesy of Williams himself.

According to Pro Football Talk, Williams is now attempting to blame the crash on his teammate from his college years at Baylor, new Vikings wide receiver Kendall Wright.

As PFT points out, this contradicts the statement that Williams released following his arrest. Williams never mentioned Wright, but did say “the driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him.” Police also seem to be curious about how Williams’ phone wound up in his car when he now says Wright was in his car and called Williams to tell him that he had crashed the car.

While I’m not a police investigator or an English major or anything like that, the statement from Williams certainly seems to imply that he was, in fact, driving the vehicle when it crashed and is now simply looking for someone to throw under the proverbial bus (which, I assume, he will tell you that he isn’t driving, either). Had Wright even been in the vehicle with Williams at the time of the crash, he presumably would have been found at the same time as Williams was and it would have been part of the initial story.

Color me skeptical, but I don’t think Kendall Wright has a whole lot to worry about here. Still, it’s a little strange that his name suddenly came up as a part of this entire thing.