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Holton Hill Reportedly Failed Drug Test at Combine

Maryland v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

One of the more highly rated draft prospects the Vikings signed as a UDFA, after he fell from being a mid-round prospect, was CB Holton Hill from Texas.

Well, we know now why he went undrafted.

Hill had been suspended for his last few games at Texas for violating team rules. It’s been reported that his suspension resulted from a failed drug test - due to smoking marajuana. That was the reason his draft stock fell from being a possible 2nd or 3rd round pick to a later round pick.

Now Matt Miller at Bleacher Report is also reporting that Hill failed the drug test at the Combine as well - which NFL teams would have known - and accounts for his going undrafted.

Having been suspended for the remainder of his career at Texas, you would think that Hill would have made a point to be clean for future drug tests- including the known drug test at the Combine. His failure to pass that test after failing one at Texas would seem to indicate Hill has a real problem staying off marajuana or whatever it is that is causing him to fail drug tests.

Undoubtedly this was known to the Vikings when they signed him as a UDFA, and hopefully they did so with a plan in place to help Hill get clean so he can continue his football career.

If the Vikings and their support staff can help Hill get off whatever is causing him to fail drug tests, it could be a big benefit to both Hill and the Vikings. But it appears from this reporting that the problem may be more substantial than was known outside of NFL front offices.