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WATCH: Stefon Diggs talks Minneapolis Miracle with Twins staffers

“I’m going to give somebody a chance.”

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We missed this video earlier in the week, but we’ll certainly bring it to you now, because it’s kind of cool.

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Twins held “Skol Night” at Target Field. Several members of the Minnesota Vikings were on hand, including wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Earlier on that day, Diggs had an opportunity to talk about the Minneapolis Miracle to some of the Twins’ staff, and the Vikings’ Entertainment Network caught it on video.

Even a few months after it happened, it’s still pretty neat to hear Diggs describe the play. There were a couple of interesting things about the video.

First off, Diggs says that most of the players thought the game was over. I’m not quite sure what to make of that. . .I mean, yeah, most of us watching on TV or at U.S. Bank Stadium thought the game was over, but that’s not really the same thing.

Second, Diggs says that in the huddle, quarterback Case Keenum said that he’s “going to give somebody a chance.” Diggs says that Keenum made eye contact with him right after he said that, so apparently he thought the play was going to him from the start. From the design of the play, which we’ve seen on numerous occasions, he did seem like the primary option, and Keenum definitely gave him an opportunity.

Check out the video when you have a minute. It’s short, but it still provides a bit of insight.