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Good Morning Gjallarhorn: Episode 02 - The Mike Hughes Fit

The vodcast where the GMG crew discusses how Mike Hughes will fit into the Vikings plans.

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn Vodcast
Good Morning Gjallarhorn: Episode 02 - The Mike Hughes Fit
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Good Morning Gjallarhorn!

Good morning everybody, Dave here, with another episode of the vodcast Good Morning Gjallarhorn. We are trying to bring that Minnesota spirit in a visual form rather than just another audio podcast. This episode we discuss Matthew Coller’s piece of Xavier Rhodes talking about Mike Hughes and where the number one draft choice might fit in the overall Minnesota Vikings scheme. We also answered some viewer questions, including from the Daily Norseman’s very own, Ted Glover.

Check out the list of items discussed below, especially the link to Coller’s article. You’ll find the talk about Captain “Dreamy” Kirk Cousin’s throwing motion, predictions on which draft choices, drafted and undrafted free agents make the team, along with what to expect from coach John DeFilippo’s offense.

As always, enjoy the watch!

1. Discussed Rhodes on Hughes by Matthew Coller

2. Listener Questions

  • Discussed the how long does Cousins have to win consistently.
  • Which drafted players probably won’t make the squad?
  • Which UDFAs might make the squad?
  • Does Dave’s beard have superpowers?
  • Was last season a success?
  • What new wrinkles are anticipated in DiFilippo’s offense?

Music licensed through AudioJungle, the song is Stylish Powerful Energetic Rock