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Minnesota Vikings reveal secret offensive weapon

John DeFilippo is a damn genius

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp
No, the secret weapon is not Adam Thielen at quarterback. This is part of keeping it a secret.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In Wednesday’s Mini Camp session in Eagan, the Minnesota Vikings gave us a glimpse of what could turn out to be a devastating new offensive weapon.

Is that hyperbole? Yeah, it probably is. But, in any case, here is the video that was caught today, courtesy of Matthew Coller of 1500 ESPN.

Yes, that’s offensive tackle Brian O’Neill catching a pass at today’s Mini Camp, and looking downright natural in doing so. Seriously, for a guy that size, it looks ridiculously smooth.

The 6’7” O’Neill, who is trying to get himself up to 305 pounds by the start of Training Camp, was originally recruited to the University of Pittsburgh as a tight end. Now, he was about 250 pounds then, but he did manage to pull off a 4.82 40-yard dash at the Combine and appears to still have a pretty decent set of hands.

I don’t know if John DeFilippo actually has any intention of using O’Neill in this way or anything like that, but a 6’7”, 305-pounder running a seam route that nobody is expecting could be an interesting new wrinkle to the offense, if nothing else.

Yes, it’s still the offseason, but we’re getting closer, folks. By then we might have some actual news.