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Bucky Brooks: Vikings have the best receiving corps in the NFL

“Mr. Brooks is right,” he said in a completely unbiased tone

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the Minnesota Vikings have one of the best collections of pass catchers in the National Football League. It would appear that there’s another NFL pundit that thinks that they’re the best.

Bucky Brooks of has put together his list of the five best receiving corps in the NFL, and he has placed the Vikings at the very top of his list.

Here’s what Brooks has to say about the Vikings group of receivers.

It’s no coincidence Kirk Cousins picked the Twin Cities as his new home. Like the rest of us, he saw the Vikings’ WR corps torch defenses in 2017 with a journeyman QB2 at the helm. Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are spectacular route runners with outstanding stop-start quickness, wiggle and playmaking ability. Each guy is capable of taking over a game as a lead receiver, but it is their collective ability to create headaches for opposing coaches that make them the top pass-catching tandem in football. With Kyle Rudolph also chipping in as a designated red-zone weapon (12 red-zone touchdowns over the past two seasons), the Vikings’ explosive WR corps could help Cousins play at an MVP level this year.

We know that Thielen and Diggs have gotten a lot of the ink as far as the Vikings’ receivers are concerned, and with good reason. . .they might be the best 1-2 punch in the league at the wide receiver position. But Rudolph is certainly a guy that shouldn’t be overlooked, given his production over the past few seasons.

Over the past three seasons, according to this article from The Vikings Wire, the only tight end in the National Football League that has more touchdown receptions than the 20 that Kyle Rudolph has pulled in is some guy you may have heard of named Rob Gronkowski. Gronk has 22 scores over the last three seasons, while Rudolph has 20. Rudolph also hasn’t missed a game over the last three seasons having numerous injury struggles early in his career.

Rudolph also stacks up pretty well in terms of receptions and yardage over the past three seasons, and is likely going to prove to be every bit as valuable a weapon for Kirk Cousins this season as either Thielen or Diggs.

We know that the Vikings’ receivers are very good, and there really is a solid argument. . .even if you aren’t as completely biased as we are here. . .that they are the best in the league. Hopefully they can solidify their place in the league’s hierarchy this year.