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Minnesota Vikings PR Staff wins Pete Rozelle Award

Certainly well-deserved

NFL: Super Bowl LII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Time to take a moment to congratulate some of the folks that help us to get the latest and greatest news about the Minnesota Vikings.

The Pro Football Writers of America have announced that the Vikings’ Public Relations staff has won the 2018 Pete Rozelle Award for the best PR department in the National Football League.

You can read the entire release from the PFWA about the award right here.

The PFWA has given this award out to PR departments across the NFL for 29 years. This is the first time the Vikings have won the award, and they’re the fifteenth franchise in the league to be named a recipient of the award.

After having the privilege of communicating with the Vikings’ PR office for most of the time that this site has been in existence, there’s absolutely nothing negative that can be said about the Vikings’ PR staff. They’re the ones that have helped us to get credentials for events like the NFL Draft, Training Camp, and just about anything else we’ve ever asked of them. More than most teams, the Vikings have really embraced the “alternate media” of sites such as ours. . .which, I guess, really aren’t alternative any more. . .but the Vikings were significantly ahead of the curve on that front.

So, congratulations to the Minnesota Vikings’ Public Relations Staff on being named this year’s Pete Rozelle Award winners. Here’s hoping for a repeat this coming season.