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LISTEN: DN with Shawn & Maya in the Morning previews the Vikings

We’ll be taking a look ahead to the 2018 season

UPDATE: If you’d like to listen to this interview from this morning, you can find the segment right here. It’s under the heading for today’s date (June 20), and it’s the 10:00 segment. Our portion starts right around halfway through. Enjoy!

Along with being the season of lists and conjecture, we’re getting to the part of the offseason where we’re going to start doing previews of various things, including the Minnesota Vikings as a whole. This morning, we’ll be doing the first of what will hopefully be many of those sort of previews.

Yours truly will be sitting down with Shawn and Maya in the Morning from The Zone 1330 in Chicago at approximately 10:30 AM Central time today (Wednesday) to talk about the 2018 Minnesota Vikings. (I won’t actually be in Chicago, but Shawn and Maya will be.) Being in Chicago, they’re doing previews of the NFC North opponents that Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bears will be seeing this season, and we’re happy they asked us to provide that for the Vikings.

If you want to listen in to the broadcast, you can click on the link to The Zone 1330 above. You can also follow Shawn on the Twitters at @TheShawnSierra and Maya at @TheSportsChica. The Shawn and Maya in the Morning Show also has its own Twitter account at @SM_Mornings.

Hopefully plenty of you can listen to the broadcast. If so, let us know what you think!