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Vikings Records Week: The only walk-off touchdown in NFL playoff history

Okay, it’s another Minneapolis Miracle story, but that sounds pretty cool, too.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got another theme week among our fellow SB Nation NFL blogs for this week, ladies and gentlemen. This week is “Records Week,” so we’ll be taking a look at some of the records that the Minnesota Vikings have set throughout their history. Most of them will be good, although there will be a negative one in there as well.

To start, we’re going to take another look at what stands as the only walk-off touchdown in NFL playoff history. . .yes, it’s another Minneapolis Miracle story. This video has been out there for a couple of days already, but I wanted to save it specifically for this because of the record-setting implication.

Case Keenum, the man that pulled the trigger on the pass, did a breakdown of the entire thing for Denver Broncos fans last week, and no matter how many times we see the play, it seems like we learn something different about it every time.

In this case, when Keenum breaks down the play for his audience, we find out that Stefon Diggs wasn’t Keenum’s first read on the play.

Nor was he Keenum’s second read.

Nor was he Keenum’s third read.

No, Diggs was actually the fourth option on the play, according to the man himself.

Keenum says that he really wanted to go to Adam Thielen, who was isolated on the left side of the formation. After Keenum saw that Thielen was covered, he then looked at Kyle Rudolph, who was running the shortest route to the right sideline. He then looked at Jarius Wright, who was between Diggs and Rudolph, and only then did he decide to launch one for Diggs.

“I just threw it toward the sideline,” Keenum said. “I lost vision of him a little bit, behind my right guard. I didn’t really see. I knew the ball came out of my hand really, really well … I knew it was right where I wanted to put it. But I couldn’t see where Stefon was.”

Maybe someday another team will have another walk-off touchdown to win a playoff game. However, there’s no chance it will be as cool as the Minneapolis Miracle, and Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs will forever be in the record books as the first tandem to do it.