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Kirk Cousins’ old coach Jay Gruden shades Cousins

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While there has been nothing but praise from the coaches and players from the Minnesota Vikings for their new quarterback Kirk Cousins, it seems as if the Washington Redskins don’t feel the same way.

The Redskins Wire reported that head coach Jay Gruden is elated with the arrival of Alex Smith, but may have also taken a shot at Cousins in the process. A tweet by JP Finlay reads as follows:

JP Finlay
JP Finlay

Cousins lack of “taking responsibility” or saying that his players “want to play” for Smith now is a moot point for Gruden. I’m sure Cousins could argue all of these same points for Gruden as head coach, but for what? Everyone is happy in their new positions so why look back? Not to mention, this says a lot more about Gruden than it does Cousins.