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Mychal Kendricks denies that Mychal Kendricks has signed with the Cleveland Browns

Source seems pretty solid

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: After all that, it appears that Kendricks is going to be signing with the Browns after all.

Original story follows.

This week, former Philadelphia Eagles’ linebacker Mychal Kendricks, the older brother of Minnesota Vikings’ linebacker Eric Kendricks, has been making several stops to decide where he would like to continue his football career. In addition to visiting the Vikings, he also made stops to visit the Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders.

Earlier today, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that Kendricks the Elder had chosen Cleveland.

Kendricks, apparently, disagrees.

So, it would appear that we still don’t know where Mychal Kendricks is going to be signing, and he hasn’t made that decision yet. Earlier today, Matthew Coller of 1500 ESPN reported that the Vikings’ offer to Kendricks included “more than a role in the base defense,” for what that’s worth.

The Browns have significantly more cap space remaining than the Vikings do, according to Over the Cap. They have the Browns as holding the most salary cap space in the league at just over $69 million. The Vikings, on the other hand, are sitting at around $17 million. (The Raiders, with just under $3 million remaining, would have to perform some real salary cap voodoo to bring Kendricks on board.) So, if money is Kendricks’ primary focus, the Brown would probably be the choice for him.

However, he has not made that choice yet, no matter what any other source is saying.